Reconciliation, justice, peace


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A slow fermentation

Reconciliation, justice and peace in the world are not conditions which are automatically created, but they are the result of the several efforts and interactions of various social groups, starting by the family and reaching up to the empires.

Generations come and go, empires shine like shooting stars and then disappear for ever into the flow of history, however, the values of reconciliation, justice and peace do not cease to remain precious and desirable goals to attain. It may be said with assurance that their ascension into ecumenical values, -i.e. values relevant to all and everyone, has happened gradually.

It is a slow progress, a quiet fermentation, which to a great degree is due to Christianity.          The Christian faith has first brought forth unequivocally the equality of all in front of God, as well as the free gift of salvation to all men and women of good will; all human beings share in one common destiny, that is their union with the Lord.

The Church always proposes first the reconciliation of every person with God, which entails the reconciliation of every human being with his fellow man / woman and his just behaviour towards even the least and most insignificant -in the eyes of the world- of his brothers / sisters. This is how our interior peace is built, upon which our external peace is founded.

A bridge of communication and unity


Life is communication and sharing. The progress of one person has as a consequence the progress of all, and, equally, the stagnation of one person influences all.

The above must not seem to us odd, since we all share in the one human nature, whether we are aware of it or not. We are all members of one another.

Whatever holds true on the natural level, hold also true on the spiritual level. Moreover, the Church clearly states it: All the baptized are members of the Body of Christ; we are united to one another through very strong and very real spiritual bonds. Whatever we do, good or bad, influences the whole and has an impact on the whole Body.

From that Body, however, we receive our spiritual life as well as every means for its protection, healing and fostering. The Body of Christ is the Church.

Christ is the “bridge” which unites man to God, the earthly to the spiritual, the created to the Creator. The access to God, which from the very beginning has been the hidden desire and need of humanity, has now become possible, constant and open. The gap has been bridged  and that bridge has been built for our sake!

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