Rejoice always…


…with the joy of the Lord

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This invitation to joy (Phil. 4, 4) has the power to move our life for, in reality, it corresponds to our innermost desire for a fulfilling and  happy life full of meaning.

However, if we let the force of habit and convenience take the upper hand in our small and big decisions of our every day life, then we pull ourselves away from our true destiny as children of God.

The awareness that we need each other and are responsible for each other may become the starting point for an experience by far higher and more fruitful. There is hidden an inexhaustible spring-well of joy: the transmission of the Good News of Jesus. He tells us:”Repent and believe the Good News” (Mk. 1, 15) and “Go and make disciples of all the nations” (Mt. 28, 19).

The Christian, having personally experienced the mercy and the forgiveness of God, is in his turn, in a position to be a witness to that mercy and reconciliation, extending them to his fellow men and women.

Is there joy more authentic than the joy of the one who gives and is entirely given to God, in His service and in the service of his neighbour? Shared joy is double happiness!

Every act of love, every good thought, every pure intention renews the joy and strengthen it through sharing it.

In this way, the joy of the Lord keeps spreading into the world simply, humbly, quietly, peacefully, yet with great dynamism. For joy is fruit of the Spirit.

For this reason, “let us leave our introversion behind so that we may offer Christ’s life to all”. (Encyclical The Joy of the Gospel, §49)

Days of Hope

The feasts of All Saints and all Souls are “days of hope”.

The virtue of hope is a little like the yeast that enlarges our heart.

There are difficulties in our lives, but with hope we march on looking towards what awaits us. Our brothers and sisters are in God’s presence. We shall be there too, in His bosom, if we follow in Jesus’s  footsteps.

(Pope Francis, 2/11/2013)

Hope, the virtue which travels

Hope is a path made out of memory and discernment,

Hope is a virtue which travels. It is not simply a path we take for pleasure, but it has an end, a purpose which lights up the way.

Hope is also nourished by memory. It does not only look to the future, but also to the past and present. In order to go ahead in life, in addition to know where we want to go, we must know where we come from too.

Individuals and peoples without memory and who erase their past are at risk of loosing their identity and of destroying their future. It is necessary, therefore, to always remember who we are and in what our spiritual and moral heritage consist.

Partial and ideological interpretations are useless. The only thing they do is to deform reality by trying to make it fit into their prejudice and they always cause us disappointment and despair.

We need discernment and memory, for discernment is not blind, but built upon solid moral criteria which help us to see what is good and just.

(Pope Francis in Cuba, 20/9/2015)

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