The selfsame aching

El Greco Christ carrying his cross

για Ελληνικά κάνετε κλικ εδώ

Deep in the heart of God

There is a particular hymn sung during the Offertory at Mass where it goes: And when human hearts are broken under sorrow’s iron rod, then they find the selfsame aching deep in the heart of God.

It is an amazing statement, which is wonderful for it is true!

Of course, the God who suffers with every human person does not suffer for lack of power, strength or omnipotence, but exactly because of his immeasurable and unfathomable compassion and his identification with each one of us….in Christ!

However one tries to analyse this statement of faith, one comes to the same conclusion: God’s love is Love beyond understanding, Love that can be trusted, Love  that brings forth love!

This very trust is our Christian faith.

It has to do with everyday’s concrete choices; it is manifested in our attitude to “small” and “big” things alike.

Europe will be “forced” to turn to her Christian roots and heritage and culture and to face this “leap of faith”: either believe and commit oneself to the God of unfathomable love or resign to live a meaningless, senseless, absurd and empty existence.

The Christian Faith has to be seen; it has to re-emerge in public life, in the “market-place”. Wherever there is a spiritual vacuum something else will fill it (Mt. 12, 38-45).

And we see it happening. But this substitute is merciless, vicious and violent and it negates life’s beauty, joy, dignity and purpose.

The call to “repent and believe the Good News” has to be stronger, louder, clearer and more insistent.

The person of Christ, of the God who suffers with us, in us, through us and for us, has to be made known and loved; widely known, deeply loved and sincerely followed.

Yet, we remain optimistic.

History is not the casual amalgam of nature’s blind forces. Rather it is imbued with meaning and with purpose.

As for each one of us, no matter how “small” we may be, our prayer touches the heart of God and encircles, so to speak, the Universe.

We have nothing to fear; When God is with us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8, 31)

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