The Strength of the Church

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για Ελληνικά κάνετε κλικ εδώ

In the Book of Revelation, chapter 12, there is a mysterious scene: a dragon vomits a torrent from his mouth, which threatens to carry into its waters the woman who brought a male child into the world.  But the good earth absorbs the river and the woman and her son are saved!

The torrent stands for the (ideological et al.) currents and trends which are dominant and try to eliminate the faith of the Church; the Church seems to lack the strength to duly confront them since they are imposed as the only logic and the only way of life. And the good earth which absorbs and makes these rivers disappear is the faith of the simple people.

The simple people’s faith is the true wisdom, says Psalm 118. This true wisdom of the simple faith, which does not allow the waters of atheism and materialism to  drag them down, is the strength of the Church.

With the above words did the Holy Father Benedict XVI emphasize, at the Synod for the Middle East in Rome in October 2010, the role of the simple faithful, who must not let themselves be discouraged by the contrary trends of our times, but they must remain steadfast in the faith and teaching of the Church.

The Church is holy and sanctifies those who belong to her.

Holiness is not about a life full of supernatural miracles, but it is found in the everyday fidelity to the Word of God. It is a continual struggle to rise to the circumstances and to keep standing, chasing away everything false and untrue from our lives, and in doing so, from the life of the People of God as well.

This daily struggle is a heroic feature, i.e. the characteristic of the saints, for holiness is woven into our everyday lives, so that it is accessible to all. Let us, therefore, examine how we lead our life on every day that God gives us.

Rise up, oh God, judge the world (Ps. 81, 8)

earthThe Psalmist says:

“Rise up, oh God, judge the world, for all the nations are your inheritance”, so we say to the Lord: “Rise up at this time,, take the earth into your hands, protect your Church, protect humanity, protect the earth. We entrust again ourselves to the Mother of God, Mary and we pray: You, the great believer, you who brought the earth to heaven, help us, open -even today- the gates, so that the truth and God’s will will be victorious! They are the genuine good and the real salvation of the world. Amen.


Did you know…

The word Amen by which we end almost all our prayers, and often hear it in the Church’s liturgy, is an adverb of the Hebrew language and expresses certainty.

Etymologically, it is derived from a root which indicates steadfastness, solidity, faith.

The exact translation of Amen is: certainly, truly, surely, (emphatic) yes!

When ones says Amen, he declares that he considers true what was  just said, so in this way he affirms a sentence, or participates in a prayer. It is a word which commits the person who utters it for it expresses agreement. If a person commits himself to God’s will, he does so because he trusts His word and abandons himself to His power and goodness. Amen is, also, a liturgical acclamation and as such it is placed after the doxologies.

Amen presupposes that in order to participate in the words one hears, one must understand their meaning. The Amen of God is Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 1, 19+). 

The Church and each single faithful say this Amen united with the elect in heaven, and nobody can say it without the grace of Lord Jesus.

Amen is the word which concludes the Bible, thus sealing it with the wish that this grace come to everyone. (Rev. 20, 21).

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