The well-spring of everything good

Holy Spirit Harmony

για Ελληνικά κάνετε κλικ εδώ 

Informative bulletin of the Paphos Latin Parish / June 2017 / III

The well-spring which quenches our thirst

The Holy Spirit is:

The Breath which gives life to the Church,

The Wind which brings forth the new,

The Harmony which holds everything together,

The Bond which unites us all,

The Beauty of innocence,

The Light which shows us the Glory of God,

The Inspiration of everything good,

The Purpose of Mission,

The Faithful Friend who surrounds us with his protection,

The Fire which purifies us,

The Flame which sanctifies us,

The Well-spring which quenches our thirst,

The Ocean which cleanses us,

The Strength which arms us,

The Suavity hidden at the Cross,

The Love which leads us to the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity

Dry ground?

The big problem that confronts Christianity today is not Christ’s enemies.

Persecution has never done much harm to the inner life of the Church as such.

The real religious problem exists in the souls of those who in their hearts believe in God, and who recognize their obligation to love Him and serve Him—yet do not!

The world we live in is dry ground for the seed of God’s Truth.

A modern city is not altogether a propitious place in which to try to love God.

You cannot love Him unless you know Him. And you cannot come to know Him unless you have a little time and a little peace in which to pray and think about Him and study His truth.

Everything we do in the service of God has to be vitalized by the supernatural power of His grace.

And grace is granted us in proportion as we dispose ourselves to receive it by the interior activity of the theological virtues: faith, hope and love.

(Thomas Merton, “The Ascent to Truth”, 1951, pg. 4)


The Gospel of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit flame

The book of the New Testament of The Acts of the Apostles could be called the “Gospel of the Holy Spirit”.

It mainly describes the acts as well as the words of the Apostles, in particular those of the two chief Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Its author is Saint Luke the Evangelist and its purpose is to show how the light of the Gospel was transmitted from city to city, and so from the Mother Church in Jerusalem it passed onto the pagan world; it traversed the whole Empire and, finally, reached its centre, namely, Rome.

The spread of Christianity is the work of the Holy Spirit, who appears during all the “Acts” active, guiding and empowering the nascent Church.

At Pentecost the Church was born; but Pentecost has never ceased: the work of the Holy Spirit goes on fulfilling the promise of Christ:

 “I will ask the Father and He will give you another Counselor to be with you for ever– the Spirit of Truth” (John 14, 16)

για Ελληνικά κάνετε κλικ εδώ

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