Beauty will save the world

The well-known Russian author Dostoevsky, (1821-1881), wrote somewhere in one of his works, namely in “Brothers Karamazov”, the following phrase: “Beauty shall save the world”.

Indeed, if we place him in his time and in the conditions which prevailed in his country at that period, it is quite obvious the difficult and harsh life of the poor, who were the largest part of the population, but also the spiritual depravity of many from the rich class; the latter, despite their privileged position in society spent their life wasting their time within the confines of their narrow horizon of selfishness and indifference regarding their  fellow man/woman.

Man has to be at the centre of interest of society and his living conditions should afford him the necessary freedom to be able to appreciate the joy and beauty around him and within him.

Certainly, human nature does not change and the problems of the 19th century have not been totally effaced in our world of the 21st century.

We have, however, every reason to be optimistic: human nature being what it is, although it cannot change, it may be transformed, not by itself but through divine grace!

Confessing God’s Son’s Incarnation in the person of Jesus Christ we enter into the space of grace and gratuity. In that space, God calls us not in order to remove us from the world, but in order to lift us above and beyond the darkness and ugliness of sin. Then we may taste the joy and see the beauty of God’s creation and calling.

This “space” of grace and beauty is the Church. In the Church, our personal encounter with Christ is what brings us forth to the spiritual life and what renews us. We are offered the possibility to become “new creation” through our participation to the divine nature!  (2 Pet.1: 3-4).

God is the Beauty par excellence and He is Perfection, Joy and Love.

With Him we are able to fulfill our life’s purpose and to reflect His Beauty and Light in the world.


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