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Informative bulletin of the Paphos Latin Parish

February 2017 / 3

The Mystery of the world leads us to the Mystery of God

The universe is not the result of chance as some would like us to believe. Seeing the universe, we are asked to interpret something deep inside it:  the Creator’s wisdom, the unlimited creativity of God, his infinite love for us.

We must not allow our mind to be constraint by theories which always reach up to a certain point and no further, and which not only do not rival Faith, but neither do they succeed in explaining the ultimate meaning of reality.

We cannot but feel the beauty of the world, its mystery, its magnificence and its logic, the eternal logic. Neither can we ignore that it refers us to the one God, Creator of Heaven and earth.

If we understand this concept we shall see that the One who created the world is the One who was born at the grotto in Bethlehem and who continues to live among us in the Eucharist. He is the Living God who calls us, loves us and wants to lead us to eternal life.

Benedict XVI, 6 Jan. 2011, excerpt

Did you know…

lightThe theme of light runs throughout the whole biblical revelation. The separation of light from darkness was the first act of the Creator (Gen. 1, 3).

At the end of the History of Salvation, the New Creation (Rev. 21, 5) will have God himself as its light (Rev. 21, 23).

So, from the natural light which, down here, alternates with the night shadow, we shall pass on to the light that does not set, which is God himself!

Jesus is revealed as the light of the world, especially by his words and actions.

His actions, full of light, come from the fact that he is the Word of God, the life and light of man, the true light which illumines every man coming into the world (John 1, 4-9).

We must walk in the light (1 John 1, 5) in order to be in communion with God. The criterion always is our fraternal love.

Whoever lives in this love, like a true son and daughter of the Heavenly Father, reflects and radiates the divine light whose guardian he has become.

Then in his turn he becomes “the light of the world” (Mt. 5, 14) responding to the mission Christ, has, through his Church, given him.

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