Our Feast Day


Wonderful Celebration

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One of the most beautiful celebrations in the year, the All Saints Day, often nowadays is overshadowed by its Eve,  the Halloween which has lost its original Christian character.

How much aware are we that the Feast of All Saints is very much our feast too?

The Church wishes to remind us that Saints are not only those whose name has been registered on the list of Saints, i.e. they who have become -one way or another- known to us for their holy way of life, their repentance or martyrdom, but all those who have passed their life in fidelity and close friendship with Christ.

All Saint Day is the day when we honour all the unknown holy men, women and children who have lived in close union with the Lord. Through their prayer, sacrifice and good deeds, remaining hidden from the world, they have become living stones in the edifice that is the Church.

Although we do not know them, we owe them a lot. Some of them may have, fleetingly or for a while, touched our life : a grandmother, a grandfather, a neighbour, a priest, a teacher or even a passer by who included us in his prayers for the love of Christ.

Saints are all those who during their lifetime have had the “mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2, 16) and whose heart contained the whole world.

Their discretion and simplicity encourage us, because they are the unquestionable proof that we can also become saints following in their footsteps.

At our Baptism our soul received the gifts of the Holy Spirit like the good grain, of which we must take care so that it will grow and bear fruit.

The Holy Eucharist repeatedly nourishes and sanctifies us.

The Sacrament of Confirmation has strengthened us, so that we be able to defend and transmit our faith. Repentance and Confession offer us forgiveness and spiritual renewal. Marriage makes the couple a “domestic church” and co-creators as regards the children who might follow. Priesthood ensures the continua; and unceasing liturgy of the People of God. The Anointing of the Sick strengthens the body and the spirit and helps the Christian at the ebb of his life.

Everything is at our disposal! We have all the means for a holy way of life! Let us never forget it!

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