Light in the darkness


κάνετε κλικ εδώ για Ελληνικά


Did you know…

According to main-stream etymology, the word candle is derived from the Latin candela (from “candeo” = to shine, to burn).

There is, however, the theory that candle comes from the Greek word κανδήλη (kandele, pronounced kahn-thee-lee) from the words παν+δήλος (pan + delos) (pan = all and delos = manifest) with the letter ”k” replacing the original “p”.

Hence, candle is that which makes things manifest (by shining) to all directions—In English, shine and show are most likely related.

Whatever the origin of the word, maintaining a lit candle in front of icons at a room corner of the house or even work-place, is a much-loved and popular practice among the Christian populations of the Orient and the Middle East.

So, next time we happen to stand in front of a lit candle, in a church or at home, let us bring to mind that the light it sheds in the darkness is, also, that of our faith. We must not only be keeping our faith alive but, also, making it manifest to  a world that is really in dire need of it.

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