On the summit


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Our life, woven as it is into innumerable things and events, big and small, does not cease to be a call toward a rising, a continual ascent in view of what is better, more beautiful and higher. Last August’s Olympic Games reminded us of that fact. As it is known their motto is: Citius, Altius, Fortius i.e.  Latin for faster, higher, stronger.

This thirst for the great, the beautiful, the high is the very seal of the Creator upon our human nature.  Made in His image, it is He whom we seek and desire with our every step and every breath.

We are called to reach the summit of human experience, which is nothing less than the experience of God’s love for us. Many are those who have made, and make that living  experience. They prefer, though, to keep silent for they are aware that the origin and the centre of it is God himself.

The Saints who have spoken about such experiences they have done so out of obedience to their superiors and with the single intention to announce Christ’s love for man.

In a few days the Church celebrates the memory of Saint Teresa of Avila, (15 October), a great figure who marked 16th century Spain and whose influence continues to be strong worldwide.

Despite the marvellous revelations God granted her, Saint Teresa remained humble, but very active and outgoing. her mystical experiences prompted her even more toward the service of the Church and fellow man. This is the criterion of an authentic spiritual life in Christ: the expansion of the heart so as to embrace the whole world!

The summit of Christian life is the encounter and the union with God. As for us, it suffices our good will and total trust in Him who calls and attracts us. The road is open to those who seek it.

Did you know…


From the beginning of the third century A.D. the sign of the cross upon the front during the liturgy of the Sacraments of Christian initiation, i.e. Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, was already part of the tradition in Africa and Rome.

This gesture, like an invisible seal, indicates that we belong to Christ. Christians frequently bless themselves with the sign of the cross.

Nowadays before the reading of the Gospel during the Eucharistic celebration we make the sign of the cross on our front, our lips and our breast. This triple gesture symbolizes that the Word of God enlightens our mind, directs our speaking and purifies our intentions.

The sign of the cross at the beginning and at the end of a prayer reminds us that we belonf to the “space” of Salvation; it is like a key of a door that is opened us and which introduces us to the realm grace,  of the Church where we pray in union with her.

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